*SAME DAY GALLERIES *After your shoot you'll be able to see and choose your final images before you leave!

Funny thing... when you let kids pick their outfit, don't force them to smile and take the pressure off, you can get some pretty incredible photos. Giving them a choice really builds their confidence and let's them see themselves as they are, giving them a boost of self-esteem that is crucial at this age. These sessions are designed for kids 6+ and work best with tweens and teens.

Rebelling against the norm letting kids wear what they want and just be themselves. Looking to build self esteem in kids, tweens and teens with empowering photoshoots. 

photoshoots designed with tweens and teens in mind

no smiles required

Black & White Studio Sessions

All images are delivered in Black & White 

10 images may not seem like enough. Your mini-shoot will give you about 40+ proofs (per child) to choose from.

Add single digital images for $50 each
or the full gallery for $500.

Sales tax will be added to all orders.


Siblings can be added for $100 each. (Does not include additional downloads.)

My shoots are designed to allow me to spend time with each child separately. We will chat a bit at the beginning and then I will ask you to step out (or look really busy!) while I work with them. The photoshoot will last about 20 minutes and I will show your child everything they need to know! Sessions include a download of your favorite 10 images. See below for add-ons.


Session Pricing Details

what does it cost?