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I have been photographing families and kids for over 18 years. I've worked in homes, in the studio and on location all over Arizona. The most important thing I have learned is that kids just want to be themselves. They want to feel comfortable and in control. They want to be listened to.

 After taking a small break from family shoots, I have come back with a new energy and I am ready to rebel against the norm and start showing kids and teens that photoshoots can be really easy and comfortable! I'm fighting against bribes and empty threats and rooting for kids to wear what they want to their photo session. 

well hello there

I'm all for giving them a voice and creating a space where they feel good about themselves exactly as they are. 

I also love my husband and our pet collection and our home in East Mesa. We love to take road trips and spend time at home drinking coffee and wine, watching tv and movies together. All the small things.

I've got kids too, two boys who are growing up right before my eyes, overnight. And damn, they're so handsome. I brought them into the studio for some long overdue portraits and something sparked. I decided I wanted to offer this type of shoot to everyone. I needed to create a space where my own kids would feel comfortable being themselves in front of the camera and I want to share that with you.

Behind The Scenes

they grow up fast my friends

Afternoon Naps

so much music

Being Home

Movies that make me cry

my boys

all th dogs

Light pouring into a dark room

things i love

- Shawn Saigeon

"She captured my children in a way they never let me in."

sweet things from my lovely clients

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